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Mountain biking in Scotland reaches the Netherlands

Dutch magazine ‘Up/Down mountain bike’ has just gone to press with our Steve Peat, Danny MacAskill and Hans Rey feature Mountain biking on Skye and Torridon, Scotlandthat we shot on our Torridon and Skye tour.  If you missed this feature you can watch the video here and read the trip story here.

If you would like to join this trip in 2012, you can see the trip information here.


Mountain biking in Scotland on TV

Mountain Biking in Scotland Hits Sky TV

Steve, Danny and Hans ride away from the helicopter

Steve, Danny and Hans leave helicopter behind and blast down the trail

Sky Sports have launched their new series, Cycle Sports World, with a two part documentary following Steve Peat,

Danny MacAskill and Hans Rey on their ‘three mountain bike legends’ Scotland trip around Torridon and Skye with Scotland’s mountain bike holiday experts, Highlands and Islands Adventures.

We’ve managed to get our hands on the footage so you can watch exclusive interviews with Steve Peat, Danny MacAskill and Hans Rey during their epic mountain bike adventure in Scotland, mountain biking the best trails and enjoying the finest whisky that the west coast of Scotland has to offer.

If you want to follow in the tracks of these three mountain bike legends and book your own mountain bike holiday in Scotland contact Highlands and Islands Adventures

Episode 1

Episode 2

For further information on Cycle Sports World viewing times


Fantastic 5 page feature in ‘Outer Edge Magazine’, Australia

Outside magazine based in Australia are running a feature in their latest issue, on our mountain bike holiday on the west coast of Scotland, mainly based around Torridon and Skye.

Follow the link below to read full article (in pdf form)



H and I Adventures, Peaty, Danny, and Hans Rey on TV

Mountain bike legends to kick off new Sky Sports cycling series

You’ve read the story, you’ve seen the pictures and the preview video…. now watch the full account of our trip through Torridon and Skye with three mountain bike legends; Steve Peat, Danny MacAskill and Hans Rey.

Sky Sports is launching a new series called Cycle Sports World and the Scotland trip is featuring in the first two episodes.

You’ll get to see exclusive interviews with the three legends as they join us on our Mountain biking in Torridonweek-long Torridon and Skye mountain bike holiday to see why everyone’s raving about mountain biking on Scotland’s rugged west coast.  Follow them as they ride the best trails that we could throw at them, drink local whisky and sit around the camp fire sharing stories in this two part mountain biking extravaganza.

The first instalment will be aired at 19.00hrs on 22nd February on Sky Sports 3

The second instalment will air at 19.00hrs on 1st March on Sky Sports 4.

If you want to follow in their tyre tracks, have a look at our 2011 Torridon and Skye dates and book the best mountain bike holiday of the year!

Original press release here.


Mountain bike holiday picture auction ends!

Our auction of a signed picture of Hans Rey, Danny MacAskill and Steve Peat during a mountain bike trip in the Highlands with us, has ended.  The lucky winner Barry McCauley who donated £230 to the Wheels4life charity can enjoy hanging the picture on the wall knowing that he has helped two people in the developing world gain access to a bike!

If you missed the auction, don’t worry you can still donate money by visiting the wheels4life charity website.


Peaty, Hans Rey and Danny MacAskill signed picture auction

Don’t miss your chance to bid for a one-of-a-kind, signed photo of three mountain bike legends; Hans Rey, Steve Peat and Danny MacAskill, taken on their recent trip to Scotland with us. Their five day mountain bike trip around the Highlands included a heli-drop in Torridon, where the photo was taken.

The trio signed the picture, taken by expert mtb photographer Andy McCandlish, and a copy of World Champion Peaty’s new book to raise money through this auction for Hans’ charity, Wheels4Life.  The charity provides bikes for people in developing countries in need of transportation to get to work or to school, or to get the medical attention they need, so your money will go to a very worthwhile cause.

You’ll find the video, write up and photos of the trip at

The auction is due to start on August 1st on eBay and will run for 10 days, and if you need further convincing go to

Ebay auction page

All proceeds go to the Wheels4Life charity. Give a bike; change a life.

Peaty, Hans and Danny picture and book auction

Hans Rey, Steve Peat and Danny MacAskill Scotland video!

Here is our long awaited video featuring Steve Peat, Hans Rey and Danny MacAskill on our mountain bike holiday on the Isle of Skye and in the dominating mountains of Torridon.  After watching the video you can read up on the trip here or book your own trip here!

Click on picture to watch!

Steve, Danny and Hans ride away from the helicopter

Steve, Danny and Hans leave helicopter behind and blast down the trail


Scotland Adventure with Steve Peat, Danny MacAskill and Hans Rey

Scotland Adventure with Steve Peat, Danny MacAskill and Hans Rey
May 2010
Written by Hans Rey

Peaty and I (Hans Rey) have been planning a trip to the Scottish Isle of Skye for a long time, when things finally started falling into place we invited YouTube sensation Danny MacAskill to join us. In whirlwind fashion the Scottish native has been living the dream of every kid in the world, since his film clip debut on the internet a little more than a year ago and has become the most watched sports-clip on YouTube of all time, with nearly 18 million viewers to date.

Traveling and riding with the freshly crowned downhill World Champion was not my first time and our team was complete with photographer Andy McCandlish, cameramen Rob Summers from Pro Active TV and Mark Huskisson from Reset Films as well as our guide and local tour operator Euan from H and I Adventures,

With much luck I managed to land in Glasgow, ditching the volcanic ash cloud that stopped air traffic in many towns across Europe. Our crew and Danny picked me up from the airport and off we drove into the rolling countryside. First stop was the much filmed and famous fairytale castle of Eilean Donan, where we had a special permit for a trials session, unfortunately my Trials bike was in Peaty’s van, who’s arrival was delayed. I was a bit limited but still had a chance to sample some first impressions of Danny’s fantastic riding skills and enthusiasm. Despite the bad weather forecast we had sunny skies and enjoyed our ancient playground almost until sunset, which is not until 10:30pm this time of year.

Steve arrived late that night and early in the morning we all got ready to go across the bridge to the Island of Skye to hit some stunning XC trails, unlike many places around the world, cyclists are tolerated on all trails in Scotland. The scenery, landscape and trails were phenomenal from the mountain views to the ocean views, a perfect synergy of Highlands and Islands. Each of us had brought several different bikes for this trip, to be prepared for any style of riding. I brought my GT Force Carbon All Mountain bike, Ruckus 7 Freerider and my trials bike; Peaty was Santa Cruz equipped and Danny rode besides his Inspired bike some Orange rigs.

The Quiraing are massive, broken up craggy rock faces that tower over the lush meadows, surrounded by breathtaking views only accessible by an ancient trail. We challenged each other to little trials riding problems and it was good to see how much fun everybody had, even though we were “just” Cross Country riding.

Next stop, the Talisker whisky distillery, where we enjoyed a private tour and sampling session – and learned some whiskey etiquette and all about the unique peaty flavor of this precious drink, some would say that it is an acquired taste. The local pub where we spent the night had over 300 different whisky’s on offer, but we didn’t manage to try them all, preserving our heads for the morning I instead gave the guys a private screening of the new Wheels 4 Life film which will be released in June.

Danny had told us about one of his ancestors, the Giant Angus MacAskill, who lived some 150 years ago, and according to the Guinness Book of World Records he was known as the largest true giant measuring an impressive 7’9” or 2.36cm. Danny’s parents run a tiny local museum and it was a pleasure meeting them and listening to their stories about Angus and Danny and the similarities in terms of their success and fame. Overnight the notorious Scottish clouds and rain arrived, which didn’t hold us back from doing another, very wet and technical XC ride through Glen Sligachan and along the shores of a beautiful loch. The weather merely added to the dramatic mystical landscape, creating an atmosphere not dissimilar to Lord of the Rings. One of my favorite moments came, after we all had been wondering why Peaty had brought such a large backpack; and instead of the usual contents one would pack during a long ride, he pulled out a small coal grill, sausages, beers and some firework rockets– we all had a good laugh out of that. Typical Peaty, who needs a rain jacket when you can have a beer instead? There are endless trails and very few people using them, we didn’t have to share the trails with any other riders all week long, except with some sheep and shaggy Scottish Highland cattle.

Our next destination was Torridon, the area north of Skye, on the mainland in the Scottish Highlands, we were staying at a very remote fishing cabin on Loch Damh, a very peaceful and beautiful place, that is, at least until we got there. We had a helicopter chartered to take us to some isolated mountain ridges, where we dropped in on our big bikes. It is always something special to slice through the air in a Heli, we all had big grins on our faces, we were just like excited little Kids again. It was very cool to have 3 generations of riders on this trip, we all have a different forte but are all influenced by each other and by the same common background of riding very technical terrain. Many things have changed since I pioneered the early freeriding days with my trials riding exploits, not only the technology of the bikes but the limits which are possible are at a level that I could have not dreamt of 20 years ago. Boundaries are constantly being pushed forward and that continues to inspire us all. I’m thrilled, after all these years, to still be a part of the mountain biking movement and to see it and experience it first hand with one of the fastest and one of the most progressive riders ever. It was a delight to follow Steve and Danny, even though, I sometimes had to catch up and it was with cheer amazement that I tried to comprehend some of Danny’s lines and moves.

A gigantic bonfire at our hut, burned late into the night, as the boys kept dragging wood out from the hills; fireworks and other party supplies ended up interrupting the silence of the night.

The last day provided us with some more downhill trails, before we ended up in Aviemore a Scottish mountain resort in the Cairngorms and the town where Danny lived for a few years. At last I got to ride my trials bike at Danny’s old stomping grounds. Old School meets New School, and let me tell you this is not the last we’ve heard of Danny, he has many plans and goals that he wants to achieve and he definitely has not reached his limits yet. Even Peaty busted out some trials moves before we raised a final glass of fine Scottish malt…. Here’s to the good life!

Hans Rey

All photos copyright by Andy McCandlish, please contact him for usage: